Vote for Session#Learn Automating Virtualization and Cloud Operations

VMworld team opened up the vote system for the 2016 Call for Papers submissions. This is your chance to let the team know which sessions you would like to see at the US and Europe shows

Learn how to automate Virtualization and Cloud Operations by  joining and voting for VMworld Session #8361

Here is brief about the session:

In the past decade we have observed rapid changes in the IT Infrastructure Management & Administration, from managing standalone servers to adopting Virtualization and now Cloud Computing and End User Computing. This change has resulted in increase of the different types of IT hardware & software in the Infrastructure. With higher consolidation ratios the number of managed machines have also increased tremendously resulting in drop in server to Infrastructure Engineer (system administrator) ratio.

The Infrastructure Engineers primarily faces two challenges:

  1. Scalability of the Infrastructure
  2. Enablement for the new software and technologies.

To address the above challenges, Infrastructure Management team has to adopt to smart methods of automation by replacing the GUI based administration tasks with smart scripting options. In this session we will discuss the basic building blocks required for scripting skills and post that we will look at the various scripting solutions available for managing the products in VMware SDDC suite. We will help you chose the most desirable scripting option for e.g. PowerCLI/PowerShell, Bash, Perl, Orchestrator, CloudClient. Each scripting solution will include examples where you will notice that using this scripting would reduce your efforts from hours/days to few seconds/minutes.

This session has been specifically created for the below audience:

  1. Do you have a Infrastructure hardware & software background and find it challenging to work with various scripting solutions?
  2. Do words like API, REST, SOAP sound alien to you?
  3. Do you feel that folks who know scripting are smart than the Infrastructure administrators(server, storage, network).

After this session you will be able to identify the different scripting options and would be able to map the scripting option with the corresponding VMware products. You will be able to use the various scripts to perform your day to day administration tasks.

Thank you for your votes, and we look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas and in Barcelona!

Here is Voting Link:



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